Safety & driver support
Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist1 alerts the driver with a lane departure warning and gently course-corrects if your Combo begins drifting lanes unexpectedly, keeping you on track.


Standard on Dynamic, optional for Essentia and Enjoy.

Speed Sign Recognition

Speed Sign Recognition1 reads road signs, detects changes to the speed limit and alerts the driver accordingly.


1 Optional.

Automatic Cruise Control

Automatic Cruise Control1 maintains your desired speed from 30-160 km/h and brakes or accelerates to keep a fixed distance from the vehicle ahead, ensuring a safe, relaxing drive.



Automatic Emergency Braking
Automatic Emergency Braking1 with Pedestrian Detection warns of potential collisions with a pedestrian or another vehicle2. If no action is taken, the car will brake automatically.
Safety & airbags

A driver’s airbag is standard on all models. The Crew Van model adds a front passenger and two side airbags. For all models six airbags1 including curtain airbags for maximum protection are available.


1 Optional.

Driver Drowsiness Alert
Driver Drowsiness Alert1 analyses driving patterns to check for signs that the driver is succumbing to tiredness. A series of warnings advise the driver to take action. 
Flank Guard

The Flank Guard1 system uses 12 sensors to warn of obstacles which may not be visible during low-speed cornering via visual and audio alerts on the infotainment screen.



Surround Rear Vision

The Surround Rear Vision1 uses two cameras to display the van's surroundings onto the 5" digital screen, giving the driver all-round visilbility - making getting in and out of tight parking spots a breeze. 



Rear View Camera

The Rear View Camera1 displays on the 8" touchscreen with virtual guidelines to help make reversing simple.



Heated features

With heated seats1 and a heated leather steering wheel1 for warmth when cold weather hits, the Combo keeps you comfortable whatever the season.



Head-Up Display

With the Head-Up Display1, key info such as speed, navigation and Driver Drowsiness Alert appears on a glass screen behind the wheel, so your eyes can stay fixed on the road.




The smart IntelliGrip1 system adapts to low-grip conditions such as driving in mud, sand or snow, and is available with five separate driving modes.